Thursday, May 18, 2006


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This season of The Amazing Race is the most fulfilling one for me because the team that won it was the team that I was rooting for to win the Million bucks from the start. And they were really consistent with their attitude about the race(well, there were a few lies but they done that to those who were mean to them). Congratulations again to the Hippies team of BJ and Tyler. Your the best!



Colleen said...

Nagising ako ng maaga para manood ng TAR 9, hee hee. Saya! Japan! Congrats sa hippies!! :D

Anime Kabayan said...

Congrats, Zen sa manok mo...
Paano mo kaya na-feel na sila ang mananalo? ^_^

Nelson said...

Howdy Zen! I'm back!

Anonymous said...

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