Thursday, September 30, 2004

Ragnarok The Animation Filipino Theme Music Video: maganda o panget?

Napanood nyo ba ang music video ng Filipino Theme ng Ragnarok The Animation na ang pamagat ay "We Are The Stars" na ang kumanta ay ang Star Circle Quest Fab 5? Kung napanood nyo, siguro marami sa inyo(lalo na ang ibang anime otakus) ang nadismaya, napangitan, at isinumpa ang SCQ Fab 5 at ABS-CBN dahil sa "pambababoy" nila sa kanta at paggawa pa ng Filipino Theme song ng Ragnarok. Para sa akin naman, ok lang siya pero di ko sinasabi na maganda at di ko rin sinasabing panget. average lang siya para sa akin. Kung iba ang kumanta nito ay baka magbago ang mga pananaw nyo. Kaya lang naman SCQ ang kumanta ay dahil sila ang nagrerepresent sa kabataan. Pero siguro yung iba, iniisip na may iba pang dahilan kung bakit SCQ ang ginamit sa pag-plug ng Ragnarok. Sorry na lang pero ayokong mag-isip ng negatibo sa isang kompanya o artista, hindi ko ugaling mag-isip ng masama sa aking kapwa. Pero nariyan na yan. tanggapin nyo na lang.

Matagal na ring panahon mula nang huling gumawa ng Filipino theme song ng isang anime ang ABS-CBN. Naalala nyo pa ba ang Filipino theme ng Magic Knght Rayearth? Para sa akin ok lang ang Filipino themes na iyan basta ok at maayos ang pagkakakanta. Ang tanging mahalaga naman ay ang nilalaman ng kanta at di yung kung sino ang kumanta. Pananaw ko lang po ito.

Friday, September 24, 2004

DUBS VS SUBS: Which will win?

Before anything else, Let me makes this clear. I am a anime fan that loves both dubbed and subbed animes. But I prefer to appreciate more the dub version(especially the Filipino-dub than the english dubs) before appreciating the sub version even more. The reason for this is that some people tend to nitpicking the flaws of the dub version because they had seen the anime in its original format which I don't agree with. Flaws like changing of names, edited scenes, horrible voice acting of dubbers, etc. are subjects of debate between dub and sub enthusiasts. But the truth is, like Phil of The Amazing Race says, "each has its own pros and cons."

Dub Version Pros:
1. People can enjoy watching anime without reading the subtitles.
2. People can understand the anime because it is in their native tongue.
3. People will learn new words that they don't know exist in their native tongue(which is now fading because of technicality of some words).

Dub Version Cons:
1. They change some names in order to synch to the mouth movement of the characters.
2. Alteration of the story to fit to the culture and traditons of the viewing public.
3. Editing of vulgar, violent, and nude scenes to comply to the conservative groups.
4. Adlib some dialougues that result in the alteration of the original script.
5. Some dubbers have not-so-good voices.

Sub Version Pros:
1. Retains the original voices of the voice actors because of the subtitles.
2. Retains the original story.
3. You get to learn the Japanese language, culture, and traditions.
4. No edits if you got it from downloading on the net.
5. No need of dubbers.

Sub Version Cons:
1. Some subs have wrong grammar and inaacurate translations.
2. Your so busy reading the subtitles depriving you the chance to fully enjoy watching anime.
3. Sometimes the subtitles appear in a blink of an eye that you cannot catch-up on what they are saying.

Though the advantages of the sub reign over the dub, the bottomline is that the audience has the choice whether to go for the dubs or the subs as long as he/she is happy with it. That's good enough for me.

That's my opinion worth more than 2 centavos! ^_^

Thanks to MangoMoon and Yui for the comments. Thanks to Anime Kabayan for the compliment.

Monday, September 20, 2004

At last, I have my own blog!

Starting today, Zen's got a blog on the net. I'm not exactly good at voicing my opinions but I try my best as I can. Most of the topics you will read in here are anime-related or my personal experiences in my daily life. Though my opinions are different from yours, please respect my viewpoint on the topics I will be posting here. Thanks for reading. ^_^

On my first topic for my new blog, I will express my opinion about the "HYPE" of Ragnarok The Animation that ABS-CBN is promoting to air next month. I put an emphasis on the word hype because some anime fans think that ABS-CBN is only doing this just to make money out of it even though the anime itself is not as great as the hype that ABS-CBN is building in the eyes of some anime fans that already have watched it through downloading it on the net. They also say that ABS-CBN and Level-Up Games did this because the Ragnarok game itself is slowly losing its popularity due to new online games that have been appearing recently. I will not deny that ABS-CBN is making money out of it or Level-Up Games did it to revive the popularity of the game but making money means evil itself. I think not. Why is it that people always think of the negative things rather the positive things. If ABS-CBN is really want to make money out of it, ABS-CBN should not have bought the rights to air Ragnarok the Animation in the first place if they know the anime is not that popular among anime fans and instead acquired a more popular anime. Besides, I don't really understand some anime fans if they wanted anime hyped or not. Minsan kapag nagadvertise ang isang istasyon ng anime, naiinis sila dahil masyadong ginagawan ng hype. Kapag naman hindi inadvertise, inis rin sila dahil di pinopromote. Ang gulo rin nila. Para sa akin, ok lang sa akin ang hype na sinasabi ng iba kung alam mo namang tumatalab. Tignan nyo na lang ang Meteor Garden. Dahil sa hype, naging popular ito sa masang Pilipino. Dahil rin sa hype, naging popular ang anime dito sa Pilipinas sa ginawang hype ng GMA sa matinding promotion nila ng kanilang mga anime. Parang di ginagawa ng GMA ang mag-hype ng palabas para maging sikat ang kanilang istasyon at kumita. Ginamit rin naman nila ang anime kaya parehas lang sila. Ito ay aking opinyon lamang. Huwag sana kayong magalit.