Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Otaku's Verdict 2006

As one of the affiliates of this poll, I'm encouraging all the visitors of my blog to support our annual anime poll that was created last year 2005 by Anime Kabayan and it's now on it's 2nd year. The first poll was promising and now we're expecting that more anime fans will cast their votes. Animes that were nominated as nominees on the poll are the anime that were shown on Local and Cable TV from January 2006 up to the present. But for now it's on its preliminary stage where the nominees are being presented to the anime fans who will participate. The Presentation of nominees will last from November 5-December 1, 2006. The voting period will begin from December 3 to December 26, 2006. There are 2 ways to vote: one is through the OV2006 Official Website and another is through the ZEN OTAKU HONBU FORUMS. The results will be psoted on the Otaku's Verdict Website and on Zen Otaku Honbu Forums and other affiliated messageboards.

For more information, please visit the Otaku's Verdict 2006 website at:


Make your vote count!


Nelson said...

Hiya Zen! It's been awhile.. So you've been keeping alive a poll, eh? I'll try to visit it. ^-^

Cafe24 Benefits said...

Hello Zen, Thanks for this information! I'll be subscribing your blog from now on. :)